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Philippa Levine at Library of Congress

Historian Philippa Levine of USC College presented a lecture at the Library of Congress in mid-July at the annual International Seminar on Decolonization.

Decolonization is a term used by historians to mark the period after the second World War when European imperial powers rapidly lost their colonial overseas possessions. Said Levine: “My lecture asked why in studies of this phenomenon, questions of gender – and the role and experience of women – are seldom addressed.”

Levine, one of the seminar leaders, gave a lecture titled “Still Invisible: Women, Gender and Decolonization.”

Levine said the lecture was a stand-alone piece of research, as she specializes in the 19th century. However, as a historian of empire and of gender, the topic is of interest to her.

The seminar was organized by the National History Center. Levine’s lecture was hosted by the Kluge Institute at the Library of Congress.

Philippa Levine at Library of Congress

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