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New Book Analyzes Global Media

New Book Analyzes Global Media

A new book written by USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism assistant professor Paolo Sigismondi examines the unfolding dynamics of global media and entertainment.

The Digital Glocalization of Entertainment: New Paradigms in the 21st Century Global Mediascape analyzes the implications of the rise of nonscripted entertainment such as reality television and game shows. It also explores the content, delivery platforms and overall business models of the media and entertainment landscape.

“The landscape is undergoing major changes, and I wanted to shed light on these phenomena as they unfold,” he said. “I tried to capture some of these changes with a new term – the digital glocalization of entertainment. That can be defined as successful media texts crossing national and cultural borders incorporating global, glocal and local features, enriched by customized elements made possible by the digital media.”

One of the book’s distinctive features is that it researches digital media in a global context through an interdisciplinary approach of economics, communication and media studies.

As new players enter the field, Sigismondi said, new threats to Hollywood’s dominance are emerging. For example, the global leaders in nonscripted entertainment are European-based entities operating outside the Hollywood system. Meanwhile, the information and communication technology revolution is modifying the boundaries of the global mediascape.

The professor’s approach provides insight into how the forces of technology and globalization are transforming television, cinema and online entertainment.

“My goal is to offer a contribution to evolving scholarly conversations, teaching and research efforts on global media,” he said.

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New Book Analyzes Global Media

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