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Better than chocolate

Better Than Chocolate
Ashley Phillips visits a resident of the Alexandria Care Center on Valentine's Day.

Funny how a little red slip of paper, sprinkled with glitter, can make someone cry.

The 175 residents of the Alexandria Care Center received a Valentine’s Day surprise when the USC Davis School of Gerontology’s Student Gerontology Association (SGA) and the USC Panhellenic Council showered them with more than 200 handmade cards.

Funny how a few cheerful words, written in pink marker and ringed by heart-shaped stickers, can remind someone they matter.

“Our wish for the residents of the Alexandria Care Center is that they have an amazing Valentine’s Day filled with love, laughter and joy,” said SGA president Ashley Phillips, who spearheaded the event. “We want them to know just how much we care about and appreciate them.”

In fact, students created so many cards that there were enough left over to deliver a batch to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles down the street.

The full emotional impact of the day continued to resonate with students long afterward as they marveled at how, out of construction paper and crayons, they managed to craft a Valentine’s memory better than chocolate, more beautiful than roses, longer lasting than diamonds.

Funny how a little gesture, lovingly made, thoughtfully delivered, can become enormous.

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