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Higher education group honors Sanchez

Higher Education Group Honors Sanchez
George Sanchez: "I am deeply honored."

USC professor George Sanchez has been selected as the outstanding Latino/a faculty in higher education research institutions by the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education Inc.

The award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated excellence in both research and teaching and has provided significant contributions to his or her academic discipline.

“I am deeply honored by this recognition of my work to advance Chicano/Latino history and American studies and to provide access to all students for success in higher education,” said Sanchez, director of diversity and professor of American studies and ethnicity and history at USC College.

He is “particularly touched” that his former student Ana Rosas, a USC undergraduate and Ph.D. who now is an assistant professor of Chicano studies and history at the University of California, Irvine, nominated him for the award.

An award-winning scholar of Chicano history and immigration who joined USC College in 1997, Sanchez is the director of the USC Center for Diversity and Democracy. He is the former director of the American studies and ethnicity program.

“It is a great source of pride for all of us at USC College to know that our friend and colleague has received this honor. George is a stellar researcher, teacher, and mentor,” said USC College Dean Howard Gillman. “He is also a wonderful person — a man of integrity, good judgment and good humor. Those of us in the dean’s office are lucky enough to see this every day, and we are especially pleased to see George receive this well-earned recognition.”

Sanchez, along with Amy Koritz of Drew University, recently edited Civic Engagement in the Wake of Katrina (The University of Michigan Press, 2009).

Sanchez will be presented with the award in March.

Higher education group honors Sanchez

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