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Journalism major finds his corner of USC

Journalism Major Finds His Corner of USC
Conrad Wilton has found his niche at KXSC 1560-AM.

After spending his first year at USC calling basketball and baseball games on the radio for KXSC 1560-AM, Conrad Wilton noticed the station was missing a very important element: news.

“I thought I could fill a niche,” said Wilton, who transferred from the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 2009. “Over the years, I have heard so many interesting stories from students and faculty members, and I wanted a medium to talk about it.”

In October 2010, Wilton launched a new weekly show called Conrad’s Corner, which highlighted major news events, student innovations and crime alerts on campus.

Two years later, the NPR-style show, which airs every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 to 11 a.m., continues to be a success.

“The stories that we have the opportunity to tell make the show jovial and youthful,” Wilton said. “News can sometimes get boring for college students when it has to do with national politics and things that are talked about all the time. But the stories broadcast on Conrad’s Corner are only aired on Conrad’s Corner. They are unique, and they really give USC students insight into the headlines that directly influence them.”

Wilton, whose interest in broadcast journalism stemmed from a public address announcer job he held at Westlake Village High School, not only hosts the radio program, but he also promotes, edits, scores the theme music and books guests.

Because of his efforts, Wilton has been able to uncover some stellar stories over the past two years. From a USC student-made documentary in South Korea to the genesis of the Trojan Chariots transportation service, the program breathes inspiration and professionalism into college radio.

“I get so much out of the show,” Wilton said. “It’s given me tremendous experience. I’ve had the privilege of interviewing some remarkable people with truly inspirational stories.”

In addition to his work with KXSC, Wilton also writes news and sports stories for the Daily Trojan.

“Writing for the Daily Trojan has helped me in terms of producing the radio show,” he said. “I have brought [some of the people] on the show because their stories make for great radio. It’s a way to bridge the two mediums.”

The junior broadcast journalism major said there is no place he’d rather cover news than USC.

“There are so many individuals – students, faculty, staff members and alumni – that do amazing things, not only for themselves but for the greater good of the campus community,” Wilton said. If anything, this university deserves a stronger voice, and I believe this radio show is doing that.”

Journalism major finds his corner of USC

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