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New Duties for Joe Back, Kristina Raspe

The upcoming retirement of Curt Williams, vice president of campus development and facilities management, has resulted in a shift of responsibilities, said Todd Dickey, USC senior vice president of administration.

Joe Back, associate senior vice president of capital construction development, will assume the role of associate senior vice president for campus development and facilities management.

Back, who will report to Dickey, will oversee facilities management services, all capital project design and construction, and the Office of the University Architect.

John Welsh, associate vice president for facilities management services, and Jon Soffa, University Architect, will report to Back.

Kristina Raspe, associate senior vice president for real estate and asset management, will be responsible for campus planning activities; entitlements related to development activities; and work associated with the university’s plans to develop a biomedical research park on the Health Sciences campus.

Brian League, director of entitlements, and Laurie Stone, program director for the BioMedTech Research Park, will report to Raspe.

Williams will continue to serve as an adviser to Dickey and the capital construction staff until his retirement on June 30.

Dickey expressed his appreciation for the leadership and dedication demonstrated by Williams over the past six and a half years.

“One need only look around at our beautiful new buildings, the restored grandeur of our older buildings and our magnificent grounds to appreciate Curt’s influence and the accomplishments of the staff in capital construction and facilities management services,” Dickey said.

“Those are contributions that are meaningful today and will continue to be recognized and appreciated many years from now,” he said.

New Duties for Joe Back, Kristina Raspe

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