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Occupational Therapy Students and Faculty Share Research

by Austen Taylor
Occupational Therapy Students and Faculty Share Research
Ph.D. student Leah Stein

USC Occupational Therapy’s chapter of Pi Theta Epsilon sponsored the Occupational Therapy Research Day on March 28 to showcase current research being conducted in the division.

“This was an opportunity to give OT students access to occupational therapy research and a chance to engage in discussion with practitioners” on emerging discoveries related to therapy, said Lauren Thomas, co-president of the honor society.

Nine occupational therapy students, faculty and clinicians presented their posters. Nearly 30 occupational therapy students attended the event.

Studies on autism and Lifestyle Redesign® dominated the poster presentations.

Jeanine Blanchard discussed her mixed-methods study on older adults in a Lifestyle Redesign® program. Beth Pyatak presented on a Lifestyle Redesign® program for pressure ulcer prevention.

Research assistant and professor Olga Solomon discussed human-animal interaction as a site of intersubjectivity in autism, as well as mothers’ experiences of their children’s autism spectrum disorders.

Tessa Milman explained her research on the uses of occupations in families with children diagnosed with autism. Ph.D. student Leah Stein presented her research using sensory integration techniques on children with autism in a dentist’s office.

Other research areas represented included studies on incontinence and motivation.

The event gave students an understanding about current happenings in the division that may not be discussed in the classroom. It also opened the door to research that drives the occupational therapy profession.

Occupational Therapy Students and Faculty Share Research

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