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‘Hearing and the Aging Ear’ Is on the Web

THE HOUSE EAR Institute offers a public-access link to a new USC Agework online educational program. “Hearing and the Aging Ear” is part of an educational series offered by the Ethel Percy Andrus Gerontology Center at USC.

USC Ageworks – the online division of the center’s Leonard Davis School of Gerontology – produced the module through the support of the House Ear Institute, a private, nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles.

THE ONLINE version provides the public with an overview of the hearing process and common hearing problems. It also covers four aspects of hearing: how we hear, hearing evaluation, hearing changes with aging and the psychological effects of hearing loss.

While health-care professionals can earn continuing education credits, the public can review the program’s animated illustrations and narrated presentations on hearing health topics, as well as a multitude of other information on the aging process.

The direct link can be found at the USC Ageworks’ Web site at

‘Hearing and the Aging Ear’ Is on the Web

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