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Ronnie Chan Is Asa V. Call Award Winner

Ronnie Chan Is Asa V. Call Award Winner
Ronnie C. Chan MBA '76 was presented with this year's alumni achievement award by President Steven B. Sample.

The 76th annual USC Alumni Awards celebration took place on May 2 at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Eight distinguished, accomplished and dedicated members of the Trojan Family were honored before a crowd of more than 600 guests. The USC Alumni Association asked the awardees the following question: What does being honored with a USC Alumni Award mean to you on both a personal level and as an alum?

Ronnie C. Chan MBA ’76 USC Marshall School of Business
Asa V. Call Alumni Achievement Award

“Partly because of my Chinese origin and Christian background, I always believe not to expect tangible rewards for good works performed. Besides striving to achieve success in one’s chosen career, do, if you so choose, what is beneficial to those around you or your alma mater and leave it at that. As such, the award came as a total surprise. When I first entered USC over 40 years ago, I never dreamed of it – nor now – that is, until the notification letter arrived. Needless to say, it is a great honor. I am clearly pleased that perhaps for the first time, an alumnus living outside of the U.S. should be so recognized. After all, USC is among the most international of top-tier American universities. The choice of the Asa V. Call recipient this year is just another small step in that direction, and I am glad to play a big role in that small step!”

Mark A. Stevens ’81, MS ’84 USC Viterbi School of Engineering
Alumni Merit Award

“My time at USC provided me with a solid, well-rounded educational experience that has been a key factor in my career achievements. All alumni should be very proud of the tremendous progress the university has made along a variety of dimensions in recent years. Here in Northern California, I can tell you that USC is on a very short list of schools that are considered “the” place to go for a top-quality college education. I feel very fortunate that I have been able to contribute time and resources to serve the university and to further its mission.”

Lt. Gen. Frances C. Wilson EdD ’80 USC Rossier School of Education
Alumni Merit Award

“I am humbled and grateful to have been chosen as a 2009 recipient of the USC Alumni Merit Award. There are many distinguished USC graduates and to be counted among them is a true honor. I am extremely proud of my Trojan roots and believe the outstanding education I received at this special institution was key to my current assignment as president of the National Defense University and to my success in the United States Marine Corps.”

David M. Breslow PharmD ’71 USC School of Pharmacy
Alumni Service Award

“USC is a large part of who I am. Along with my family, profession, business and friendships, it defines me. I have an enormous emotional investment in this university; this relationship is the result of a 40-year involvement as a student and alumnus and stems from a profound sense of gratitude for the education I received. This award is meaningful to me because it recognizes both my body of work and the financial and personal commitment that I have been able to make over the years. As one incapable of gifting millions, it’s very satisfying to know that personal commitment and contributions are also recognized. My contributions to USC have mostly been made within the subset of the School of Pharmacy. To know that the general university dipped into our pharmacy family and found me as an exemplar is just beyond belief. I am truly overwhelmed.”

Alexander L. Cappello ’77 USC Marshall School of Business
Alumni Service Award

“USC has done so much for me, my family and friends that being of service comes as naturally as breathing! There is nothing I love more than this university and its Trojan Family, other than my own Trojan Family: my father Jerry Cappello ’51, uncle George Karam ’49, brothers George ’79 and Gerard ’83, and sister Ramona ’81 (valedictorian, too!). I feel very privileged and honored to be a part of the “Trojan Mafia.” It would be impossible for me to give back to USC one-tenth of what it has given to me. So being honored for alumni service is like being paid to have fun with your best friends. It is also a humbling honor to be recognized among the distinguished list of other recipients, all of whom I greatly admire and respect. To sum it up, this university is the cultural, intellectual and social heart of Southern California; it is a leading global research university whose alumni seem to share the same DNA; and its impact on our world is profound — what a blessing it is to be a part of it!

James A. Eddy ’52 USC Marshall School of Business and
Janet Ewart Eddy ’54, MS ’78, PhD ’91 USC Rossier School of Education
Alumni Service Award

“We support USC because we believe in the institution and are proud of what it represents. It broadens our interests in life and keeps us young in attitude. As we participate in intellectual, support and spirit activities and events at the university, lasting friendships evolve, develop and are nurtured. Being honored for our service is truly a surprise, yet the award is greatly appreciated. Hopefully this can be an example that will encourage others to continue their support of our university.”

Ron Orr ’79 USC Marshall School of Business
Fred B. Olds Award

“Receiving the Fred B. Olds Award is a tremendous honor, and I am forever grateful. I am convinced the Swim With Mike program would not be the success it is today without the commitment and support of the Trojan Family. Working for the university has been a passion of mine for 30 years, and I think I am just over half-way done.”

Ronnie Chan Is Asa V. Call Award Winner

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