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USC Trustee Benioff Lands Cover of Forbes

USC Trustee Benioff Lands Cover of Forbes
Marc R. Benioff

USC trustee Marc R. Benioff ’86 was featured on the latest cover of Forbes for his work in leading the world’s most innovative company, beating out Amazon, Google and Apple.

Benioff is the chairman and chief executive officer of, a pioneer in cloud-computing applications.

He founded the company in 1999 and championed “the end of software,” declaring his mission to take traditional software online. At the time he was ridiculed, according to Forbes. At this point in time, industry follows his lead.

For its story on the “World’s Most Innovative Companies,” the magazine partnered with a team of experts to spot companies making bold bets and to answer the question: “Which leading-edge corporations are most likely to succeed now and in the future?”

Benioff is not done with innovation, the magazine reported.

He recently unveiled Chatter, software that creates a social network inside companies, allowing co-workers to comment on projects from locations all over the world.

Benioff, who received a bachelor of science in business administration from USC, was awarded the David Packard Medal of Achievement in 2010 and was named one of the Top 50 People in Business by Fortune. He also was tapped as the Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year by the USC Marshall School of Business in 2004.

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USC Trustee Benioff Lands Cover of Forbes

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