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Renaissance Scholars Recognized

by Michael Del Muro

More than 250 students who demonstrated the innovative and interdisciplinary ideals of Renaissance thought will be honored at the USC Senior and Graduate Recognition Awards Ceremony Thursday, May 12.

In addition, 10 scholars who won the $10,000 USC Renaissance Scholar Prizes will be recognized individually at the Bovard Auditorium ceremony beginning at 1 p.m.

Renaissance scholars are recognized for their accomplishments over a broad range of academic programs. Many scholars combine double majors with at least one minor. A record 261 graduates were designated Renaissance Scholars this year; 239 students were honored in 2004.

To be considered for the scholar designation, students submitted their course of study to a faculty panel, which evaluated it for breadth and depth of intellectual investigation. Students who met the panel’s criteria and who graduated within five years of undergraduate study with an overall grade-point average of 3.5 or better and a GPA of 3.5 or better in their major and minor course requirements, received the Renaissance Scholar honor.

As many as 20 Renaissance Scholars annually can receive the $10,000 prize at commencement. To be considered for the prize, certified Renaissance Scholars in their senior year submitted faculty recommendations and an essay.

The 2005 Renaissance Prize winners are:

� Howard Chiang, major in biochemistry and psychology, minor in gender studies and musical studies.

� Charlotte Gopinath, major in violin performance and English, minor in international relations.

� Brittany Hall, major in psychology and English (creative writing), minor in Spanish.

� Anita Nageswaran, major in biological sciences and religion.

� Brent Nash, master’s in computer science, major in computer science and engineering, minor in classics.

� Elizabeth Newman, major in communication and political science, minor in cinema-television.

� Ryan Oishi, major in business administration and English (creative writing), minor in philosophy.

� Jennifer Rogla, major in anthropology and psychology, minor in Spanish.

� Alison Vicks, major in English (creative writing) and international relations.

� Jennifer Yamtich, major in biological sciences, minors in Spanish and painting/drawing.

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