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Keck School honors students for outstanding academic achievement

More than 50 Keck School of Medicine students received academic awards on Oct. 26 in a ceremony honoring excellence in medical studies and leadership and outstanding performance in pathology.

Leaders from the Keck School of Medicine acknowledged 45 students representing the top of the 2007 and 2008 graduating classes, naming them Dean’s Recognition Scholars. The ceremony was held at the Edmondson Faculty Center.

Dean’s Recognition Scholars are nominated for the award by a faculty member; their honor results not only from their academic performance, but their activities outside the classroom as well. School leaders select only about two dozen students for recognition from the more than 165 students in each class.

“These students represent the values of our profession and the scientific curiosity needed for the coming years of our field,” said Brian E. Henderson, dean of the Keck School, who gave students certificates commemorating their awards. “We hope these students will become the future leaders of academic medicine.”

Peter Katsufrakis, associate dean for student affairs, also congratulated the students.

In addition to the Dean’s Recognition Scholar Awards, 23 students also received awards for outstanding accomplishments in the Keck School’s pathology curriculum. Of these 23 students, 16 were also Dean’s Recognition Scholars. Clive R. Taylor, senior associate dean for educational affairs and professor of pathology, presented the Association of Pathology Chairs’ Pathology Honor Society awards.

Pathology Honor Society members were Amy Allman, Tina Bhutani, Marc Calestini, Thomas Christensen, Braden Criswell, Ginger Evans, Karla Friedman, Angela Giron, Reyhaneh Hamidi, Nissa Keyashian, Vanessa Lauzon, Jennifer Lai, Sara Ludlow, Joshua Meier, Sharon Meiselman, Paola Rodriguez, Adam Sassoon, Shefali Samant, Irene Shmayevich, Heather Stocks, Kristine Tate and Eric Yavrouian; Dean’s Recognition Scholars are listed in accompanying graphic.

Keck School honors students for outstanding academic achievement

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