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Community outreach goes on-line

Information on more than 200 community service programs offered bythe university is now available in an on-line database accessiblethrough the Internet.

The “Community Outreach Programs Database” offers access to hundredsof USC-administered educational, community and academic outreachprograms, said Samuel Mark, assistant vice president for civic andcommunity relations. It also helps alumni, faculty, staff and studentvolunteers identify the outreach activities that best suit their timeand talents, he said.

The material in the database was originally published in the 1993 and1994 editions of “USC and the Community: A Report on the Involvementof the University of Southern California With Its SurroundingCommunities.”

Those publications were so well received that USC Civic and CommunityRelations and the university’s Neighborhood Resource Center developedthe database of community outreach programs, which are administeredby academic and administrative units as well as USC-affiliatedorganizations. Mark said the database provides updated and morecomprehensive information on the programs as well as some listingsthat were not included in the printed compendium. While the printedversion is a catalogue of both outreach and volunteer opportunities,the database focuses on direct service programs that the universityoffers in the community.

The NRC had been receiving numerous calls for information on USCprograms which serve the neighborhood, according to Elizabeth Diaz,director of the Neighborhood Resource Center. “We felt this was anappropriate step toward our goal of bringing the university closer tothe community,” she said.

The database is organized according to categories of programs, suchas youth, older adults, health, arts and culture, business,education, children and family, public safety, housing, women and thedisabled.

By clicking on a particular category, browsers will find lists ofprograms with descriptions, contact persons and their phone and faxnumbers, addresses and eligibility information.

Computer users with Internet access and gopher capability can accessthe “USC Community Outreach Programs Database” as follows:

Through the World Wide Web, using a browser such as Netscape orMosaic, go to the address


To use Gopher, enter gopher at the UNIX prompt. Then,from the “Campus Life” menu select “Campus Resources an CommunityService Opportunities.” From the “Campus Resources” menu select “USCCommunity Outreach Programs Database ON-LINE.” Those who do not haveInternet access can receive information contained in the databaseover the telephone, by calling the Neighborhood Resource Center at743-2390.

For more information, contact Mark at 740-5480 ( or Diaz at 743-2390.

Community outreach goes on-line

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