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Youngsters Dabble in Project for Art’s Sake

A student shows off her citation at the opening reception of the exhibit.

Photo/Brad Reyes

Forget reclusive, starving artists. If you want to be refreshed by an exhibit where the creators freely bare their souls, head over to University Village for the exhibit “All About Me,” in its last week in the food court.

The 40 framed drawings were done by elementary students in the seven area schools that make up the USC Neighborhood Schools.

It is one of a continuing series of student exhibits in the program called “Art in the Village.” For each exhibit, Lisa Merighi, education coordinator for the USC Fisher Gallery, provides the schools with quality art supplies and a theme, and then selects 40 drawings from the hundreds of submissions she receives.

In “All About Me,” the artists, who range from first to fifth grade, have attached a statement that explains his or her work.

Here’s a sampling:

“About Me,” Jesus Fugon, fourth grade, St. Agnes Elementary School: “I picked a knight because soldiers fought for our country hard. So I picked a knight because I am a hard-working person and never give up.”

“Space Scientist,” Richard Martinez, fourth grade, Foshay Learning Center: “This is plan B if I don’t get to be a football player. I really want to be an astronaut because I think it is really cool. I get to study on the Earth and Mars also. I get to study other planets.”

“Imaginative Me!” Erik Roa, fifth grade, St. Vincent School: “This picture represents me for my imagination. Without it, I wouldn’t know how to draw Darth Vader. This background is imagining I’m in a different world. I’m pretending I’m in the world where I have to destroy some monsters. Without imagination, I wouldn’t have a fun life of drawing.”

The exhibit will be on display through Feb. 16.

Youngsters Dabble in Project for Art’s Sake

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