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USC Faculty Rewarded With Zumberge Grants

Sixteen USC faculty members have been awarded grants, ranging from $10,000 to $25,000, from the James H. Zumberge Research and Innovation Funds, the largest internal pool of research funding at USC.

The Zumberge Fund, which awards more than half a million dollars each year, promotes research at USC through two types of awards: individual and interdisciplinary.

Individual awards help newer faculty launch their research careers, support research in areas with limited external funding opportunities and give senior faculty a chance to renew research efforts.

Interdisciplinary awards foster collaborative efforts among faculty from different disciplines that lead to ongoing projects. Four interdisciplinary grants of $50,000 were awarded.

Competition for the Zumberge Awards was intense this year, with close to 100 submissions, the greatest number in nearly a decade.

Individual Awards

Steven Anderson, Interactive Media Division, USC School of Cinema-Television.
“Open Source Scholarship: Innovations in Digital Research, Publication and Pedagogy.”

Bettine Birge, department of East Asian languages and cultures.
“Marriage and the Law in Mongol-Yuan China.”

Samantha Butler, department of biological sciences.
“Mechanisms of Axon Guidance in the Developing Spinal Cord.”

Meiling Cheng, USC School of Theatre.
“Beijing Xingwei: Time-Based Experimental Art in China.”

Sarah Gualtieri, department of history.
“Race and Identity Among Arab Immigrants in the United States.”

Alexandra Hammond-Isfahani, department of Spanish and Portuguese.
“White Negritude: Race, Writing and Brazilian Cultural Identity.”

Young-Kwon Hong, department of surgery.
“A Novel Anti-Lymphangiogenic Therapy Against Kaposi’s Sarcoma.”

Jane Iwamura, departments of religion and American studies.
“Altared States: A Cultural History of the Japanese American Home Shrine.”

Elsi Kaiser, department of linguistics.
“Investigating the Effects of Discourse Factors on Real-Time Pronoun Interpretation.”

Mohammad Pashmforoush, department of medicine.
“Defining the Molecular Pathways for Cardiac Conduction Cell Development.”

Judd Rice, department of biochemistry and molecular biology.
“Identification of Histone H3 Lysine 9 Methyl-Specific Binding Proteins.”

James Spindler, USC Gould School of Law.
“Do Mandatory Disclosure Rules Result in Better Information for the Marketplace?”

Bangyan Stiles, department of molecular pharmacology and toxicology.
“The Mechanisms of PTEN Regulated B-cell Regeneration.”

Antonia Szabari, departments of French and Italian, and comparative literature.
“Less Rightly Said: Scandalous Words in the French Reformation.”

Maria Villacres, department of pediatrics.
“Role of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms on T-cell Responses Following HIV Treatment.”

Song Guo Zheng, department of medicine.
“CD4+CD25+ Regulatory T-cells Generated Ex Vivo Cure Systematic Lupus Erythematousus.”

Interdisciplinary Awards

Amy Barrios, department of chemistry (principal investigator) and Nunzio Bottini, department of orthopaedics (co-investigator).
“Imaging Protein Tyrosine Phosphorylation In Vivo.”

Stephen Cronin, department of electrical engineering-electrophysics (principal investigator) and Chester Koh, department of urology, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles (co-investigator).
“Application of Nanotechnology to Direct the Growth of Engineered Bladder and Kidney Tissue from Stem Cells.”

George Salem, department of biokinesiology and physical therapy (principal investigator) and Giselle Petzinger, department of neurology (co-investigator).
“The Influence of Fixed and Changing Environmental Stimuli on Walking and Freezing Behavior in Persons with Parkinson’s Disease.”

Roger Zimmermann, Integrated Media Systems Center, USC Viterbi School of Engineering (principal investigator), Margaret McLaughlin, USC Annenberg School of Communication (co-investigator), Shri Narayanan, departments of electrical engineering, linguistics and computer science (co-investigator), and Carolee Winstein, department of biokinesiology and physical therapy (co-investigator).
“User-centric Patient/Clinician Distribution Platform With Tele-Rehabilitation Application Case Study.”

USC Faculty Rewarded With Zumberge Grants

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