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Pharmacy School grad reaches end of long, winding road

May 12 will be a big day for the 195 students receiving their Pharm.D. degrees from the USC School of Pharmacy—once they pass the state board, they will be ready to start their professional careers.

But, the big day will be an especially big one for 43-year-old Kelly Lindauer: she spent the last 11 years working toward her degree.

The Pharm.D. program itself is a four-year postgraduate program. But Kelly first had to get her associate of arts degree—only to learn it wasn’t enough to get into pharmacy school—then earn her bachelor’s degree, and finally win admission to the USC Pharm.D. program on her fourth try.

She did all this while working for Vons, first as a box girl, then in the bakery, then as a checker, then as a pharmacy technician. Now she is looking forward to working for Vons as a pharmacist, a job they have promised her once she passes the state board. This is Kelly’s 28th year with the company and, being loyal, she is eager to continue with them in her new profession.

“I’m excited to finally be able to work as a pharmacist. Working as a checker was fine, but I always wanted something more. As a pharmacist, I think I’ll be able to accomplish something everyday. Helping people get their medications, counseling them, really impacting their health and their lives. I know it will be very rewarding,” said Lindauer.

The story doesn’t stop here. During all this school and work time, Kelly has taken care of her two children, now 23 and 16, along with her husband, who has been supportive of her attaining her career dream.

“You always want to leave the earth knowing that you’ve done something for someone else. Pharmacy will let me do just that,” said Lindauer.

The USC School of Pharmacy commencement, slated for Friday, May 12, at 3 p.m. on the Harry and Celesta Pappas Quad, will feature Stanley Goldenberg, R.Ph., president of the California State Board of Pharmacy, as the speaker.

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