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D.C. Parents Turn Out in Georgetown

Washington, D.C.-area parents of students currently attending USC showed up in force at a Jan. 28 brunch organized by USC’s Office of Parent Programs, far exceeding the expectations of parent program director Beth Saul.

On a rainy, miserable Sunday, Saul expected perhaps 40 parents to attend. But nearly 70 Trojan parents turned out at the Sequoia restaurant in Georgetown to hear about upcoming parent events and what is happening on campus.

Saul told the group about the 2007 Trojan Parents Weekend Oct. 11-14, Visions and Voices and other arts programs on campus, and answered practical questions about commencement and summer storage. Saul also encouraged parents to nominate their student’s favorite professors for USC Parent Association teaching and mentoring awards.

The event originated in a phone call from Lynne Foltz, a Washington, D.C.-area parent who wanted to have a local event. USC Parents Council members Rick Johnson, Debbie Branscomb and Margie Riordan attended, as did Jennifer Grodsky of the USC Office of Federal Relations.

“The energy level was amazing,” Saul said. “They were so happy to connect with USC by USC coming to them.”

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D.C. Parents Turn Out in Georgetown

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