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Bouncing back from stroke, she’s the picture of health

Kate Adamson-Klugman was never expected to walk or talk after a severe stroke, but she recovered and now works as a motivational speaker.

Kate Adamson-Klugman�a member of the board of councilors of USC Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy�is one of five finalists for the first “Picture of Health Contest” sponsored by ABC News and Prevention magazine.

An avid exerciser, at age 33 Adamson-Klugman suffered a massive double brainstem stroke that left her paralyzed. She was never expected to walk, talk or eat on her own again.

Through strong will, determination and help from doctors, nurses and physical therapists, Adamson-Klugman not only is able to function, but now thrives once again: exercising daily, caring for her children and pursuing a new career as an author and motivational speaker for those with disabilities.

“Since my stroke, advocacy for the disabled is something that I have dedicated my life to. I can be a voice for those without a voice. Winning this contest will help me to continue traveling the country speaking out on behalf of those who cannot speak,” Adamson-Klugman said.

In the event she wins the contest, Adamson-Klugman will appear on Good Morning America on May 29 and in the October edition of Prevention magazine.

In addition, Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy, which is the charity of her choice, would receive a $5,000 cash award. Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy is a division at the USC School of Dentistry.

“Physical therapy meant everything to me when I was in rehab. After a stroke, you have hard choices to make. First you live through the worst and then you are faced with a choice of how you will live the rest of your life. If you decide to fight, then you have the physical therapy right next to you to make a recovery possible,” she said.

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Bouncing back from stroke, she’s the picture of health

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