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Serving Seniors

Gerald A. Larue also is an adjunct professor in the USC Davis School of Gerontology.

Emeritus professor Gerald A. Larue has received the Leibovitz Award for distinguished volunteer service to seniors by a retired USC faculty member.

Larue, 80, is emeritus professor of religion in the USC College of Letters, Arts and Sciences and adjunct professor of gerontology in the USC Davis School of Gerontology. Elizabeth Redmon, executive director of the Emeriti Center, presented the honor to Larue at the Provost’s Faculty Retiree Luncheon.

Redmon said Larue has spent his adult life working in the fields of ethics, values and aging and that he wasn’t necessarily nominated for service to individual seniors — though he spends significant time helping individuals — “but for service to multitudes of seniors through the influence of his activities and teaching.”

Larue, a religious scholar, ethicist and humanist, is an advocate for “death with dignity” and has written and spoken extensively on issues surrounding death. His most recent book is “Playing God: 50 Religious Views on Your Right to Die” (1996), and his spring 2004 teaching schedule includes two classes, “Social and Psychological Aspects of Death and Dying” and “Ethical Issues in Geriatric Health Care.”

“I could cite many examples of your personal care for other retirees, but your service to seniors reflected through your students will be seen for generations to come,” said Redmon in presenting the award to Larue.

The Leibovitz Award is presented by the Emeriti Center to one faculty member and one staff member each year. A monetary prize is funded through a grant to the Emeriti Center from the Leibovitz Foundation.

On March 11, Larue will receive a Faculty Lifetime Achievement award at USC’s annual convocation ceremony.

USC faculty retirees for the academic year 2002-2003 from the University Park campus and their school are: A.J. Langguth, journalism, and William H. Dutton, communication (Annenberg); Dagmar Halamka, associate professor, finance and business economics (Business); Richard C. Deonier, molecular biology, Judith Stiehm, political science, and Lynn Robert Matteson, art history (USC College); Sherwood Omens, cinematography (Cinema-Television); Gary Miller, director/international students (Dentistry); Elliot Axelband, electrical engineering-systems, and George A. Bekey, computer science (Engineering); and Robert Scales, technology/former dean (Theatre).

Health Sciences campus retirees include: Rosemary Gaines, nursing, and Ruth Zemke, occupational therapy (Independent Health Professsions); Stephen Bragin, urology; James Dixon, pathology; Herman Haymond, radiology; Vaclav Klement, radiation oncology; John Milton Leedom, infectious diseases; Richard Paul, obstetrics/gynecology; Arnis Richters, pathology; Katherine Schlaerth, family medicine; Samuel Snodgrass, clinical medicine; Myron Tong, internal medicine; Woon Wong, dermatology (Medicine); and Eric Lien, pharmaceutical sciences (Pharmacy).

Staff retirees are scheduled to be honored at a March 17 luncheon. For more information, call 213-740-8921.

Serving Seniors

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