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Good reasons why Trojans should give

by Katharine A. Diaz

With the USC Good Neighbors Campaign in full swing, this is what people are saying about the importance of the campaign and why they give. These comments come from faculty and staff and a student. They also come from community partners, whose programs have benefited from the monies raised. They see firsthand the lives that are changed.

Remember, every dollar that Trojans contribute is used to fund USC Neighborhood Outreach (UNO) grants. For 2008-09, 38 programs were funded for academic tutoring, sports programs, arts enrichment and science and technology instruction.

Fill in the pledge card as soon as possible. If you did not receive a pledge card, contact your campaign leader or the Good Neighbors Campaign office.

Why do Trojans contribute to the USC Good Neighbors Campaign?

“I contribute to the campaign because I believe that I benefit directly and indirectly when the people living in the USC neighborhoods are enriched by the numerous programs supported by the UNO grants. I also believe that by my contributing, it makes me have a greater investment as well as pride in communities of USC.

Jennifer Holtzman, assistant professor of USC Clinical Dentistry

“It is the right thing to do.”

Mel Baron, associate professor, USC Clinical Pharmacy

How is the campaign important to the university and the community?

“Without the campaign in this community, thousands of children would go unnoticed, unsupported and underserved. The campaign allows the community to build a positive relationship with USC and in recognizing their commitment, can then promise to their children that there is help available in so many ways.”

Kitty Dillavou, MSW, Violence Intervention Program: Mentoring and Tutoring Project

“The kids in this community don’t have access to these services and activities without UNO support. They just don’t. And UNO puts about $1 million per year directly into our inner-city neighborhood. That’s a win-win for USC, for the neighborhood schools, for the families and for the nonprofits that serve the community. It is the most positive thing happening in this community.”

 Jay McAdams, 24th Street Theatre (whose After ’Cool Program receives UNO funding)

“The campaign is important in several ways: It shows that the university is willing to invest financially in the community in which they operate. It models partnership. It also places priority on the support and collaboration between the community and university, and it supports the needs and goals of both the community and university.”

 Alice Green, director, Peace Games (a program that receives UNO funding)

Over the past years, how would you characterize the campaign’s impact?

“Last year, Troy Camp reached the milestone of taking 10,000 kids to camp over the course of our 60-year history. This accomplishment demonstrates the incredible impact Troy Camp has had on generations of children from South Central Los Angeles. Without the support of the campaign, we would not have been able to extend our mentorship to thousands of kids and make a lasting impact on the youth from the USC community.”

— Andrea Bernal, a USC student active with Troy Camp (a program that receives UNO funding)

Why would you urge others to make contributions to the campaign?

“I would urge others to make a contribution to the campaign because it is the right thing to do. Education is a human right. Every child deserves an opportunity for a great education, and a UNO grant provides that opportunity.”

Malena Ruth, director, USC African Millennium Pen Pal Program (a UNO-funded program that matches students at St. Agnes Parish School with pen pals in African nations)

Good Neighbors Campaign contact information:
USC Civic and Community Relations
840 Childs Way, BKS 400; MC 2542
(213) 821-1101

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