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Event at USC’s Town and Gown Kicks Off Campaign for New Catholic Center

A GALA EVENT at USC’s Town and Gown on Dec. 9 kicked off a $14 million campaign for a new Catholic Center which will serve USC’s estimated 10,000 Catholic students.

The event was attended by 225 USC students, administrators and alumni, as well as prospective donors.

The current center, a block and a half off campus on University Avenue, is said to be small and cramped. The new center will be built on the same site and will house activity spaces, meeting rooms, study areas, offices and a kitchen. In addition, the rooftop will provide felxible space for events such as recitals.

USC’s Catholic Center was represented by its director. Father William Messenger, and Edwin Marzec, chairman of the center’s advisory board, who was a presenter.

IN INTRODUCING Cardinal Roger Mahony, archbishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, President Steven B. Sample noted that “the USC Catholic Center (formally known as Our Savior Catholic Center) is poised on the threshold of significant change.

“This new initiative will serve both our campus community and our community at large,” Sample said. “The USC Catholic Center has been a place where our students come not only to deepen their faith but to practice it.”

In addition, Sample noted that most of USC’s students are away from home and far from familiar surroundings and are making new social adjustments.

“It is essential that we have places such as Our Savior Catholic Center to serve as a safe harbor for our students,” Sample concluded.

Event at USC’s Town and Gown Kicks Off Campaign for New Catholic Center

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