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Faculty and staff to need I.D. cards for after-hours access to campus buildings

Faculty, staff and students have about a month to practice using USC I.D. badges as access cards for after-hours entry to buildings on the Health Sciences Campus.

The existing key locks on exterior doors will be removed on Jan. 10. After that time, access control card readers must be used to gain access outside normal business hours.

New security measures implemented Dec. 1 include a requirement for all USC faculty and staff to wear their USC I.D. badges on the Health Sciences Campus at all times and to use the I.D. badges for after-hours access to authorized buildings. After the first week, no major glitches were reported.

“We have had some people locked out,” said Shane Hapuarachy, Department of Public Safety (DPS). In the past, DPS officers began locking certain buildings at 6 p.m., but by the time they locked the last building, it might have been 7 p.m., he explained. People who were accustomed to a later time for lockup, now must adjust to a designated lockup time, when all the exterior doors lock electronically. The exact time for each building has been determined in consultation with departments located in the building.

From now until Jan. 10, existing key locks remain in all the exterior doors.

“This means that during this first month of operation, if for any reason you need after-hours access and you have not yet gotten an activated USC I.D. card, you can still use your keys,” Hapuarachy said. “However, it is important that you begin using your I.D. card for access to ensure that you have the appropriate authorizations.”

Only those faculty, staff and students who have been predetermined to need after-hours access will be granted entry once the doors lock.

If you are unsure of your access privileges, please see your Home Department Coordinator.

If you encounter any problems with the system, please contact the Department of Public Safety at (213) 740-6000.

Faculty and staff to need I.D. cards for after-hours access to campus buildings

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