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Health Sciences Campus to streamline its computer infrastructure and services

To increase the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the Health Sciences Campus’ computing infrastructure and services, four historically separate campus information technology groups are consolidating.

The merger will combine the KSOMA (Keck School of Medicine—Administration), CMG (USC Care), NORRISCCNT (Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center) and SURGERY domains into a single MED (Medicine) domain and Exchange e-mail group. This initial project will merge about 2,000 user accounts into the new domain by mid 2009.

A follow-up project will be to merge any remaining Windows domains on campus into the MED domain. The USC University Hospital and the USC Norris Cancer Hospital will also have the option of joining this infrastructure at a later date.

The project is designed to achieve these crucial Keck School strategic goals:

• Provide a computing infrastructure that better supports the new practice plan integration and business reporting services that are being implemented now through summer 2009.

• Consolidate redundant hardware, software and technical support services to reduce costs and improve efficiency for Keck School faculty and staff.

• Permit integrated calendaring and e-mail collaboration across the entire Health Sciences Campus.

The Keck School has convened project groups to plan and implement the integration and is working with USC Information Technology Services to leverage the University network’s Global Directory Services to deliver consistent information for the users of the new MED domain.

This project is being led jointly by David Loor, Keck School director of information technology, John Casagrande of the Cancer Center, and Audrey Little of USC Care. For more information, contact David Loor at

Health Sciences Campus to streamline its computer infrastructure and services

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