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USC School of Pharmacy mixes fun, serious topics during 12th annual Kids’ Day

From left: Ana Pena and Ana Padillo receive their award for best poster from Victor Law, of the United Pharmacists Network, Inc. and Sandy Song, Kids’ Day coordinator.

Photo/Kukla Vera

More than 100 seventh graders from the La Merced Intermediate School in Montebello spent March 6 on the Health Sciences Campus, marking the School of Pharmacy’s 12th annual Kids’ Day.

Pharm.D. student Sandy Song coordinated the event, which blends fun with information that encourages students to study hard, stay out of trouble and consider careers in health care.

During the event, dancers brought the youngsters to cheering and standing ovations, with routines that ran the gamut from hula dancers to rap singers. In between performances, students participated in raffles of gifts including MP3 players and Trojan garb.

Informational sessions focused on making good life choices, staying out of gangs, substance abuse prevention and other lifestyle topics complemented by an “American Idol”-like competition and a series of dance performances.

Seventh-grade student Jonathan Ortiz said he enjoyed the event, adding that it taught him about health careers and that pharmacists “give advice and help people.”

Before arriving on campus, students were given an opportunity to compete in a poster contest portraying the theme, “what it means to live a life without gangs.”

The winning poster was submitted by Ana Pena, Ana Padilla and Charlies Gama. Each of the winners received an iPod Shuffle for their three-panel display that showed the ills of gang life and the importance of making good choices.

Kids’ Day is a community project of the School of Pharmacy Skull and Mortar Honorary Service Fraternity.

Sponsors for the event included Albertsons/Sav-on, CVS/pharmacy, United Pharmacists Network Inc. and Walgreens. Support for the event is also provided by the School of Pharmacy and the USC Graduate and Professional Student Senate.

USC School of Pharmacy mixes fun, serious topics during 12th annual Kids’ Day

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