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SIDS study seeks healthy volunteers

USC researchers are seeking control subjects as part of nine-year study searching for physiological causes of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Funded by the National Institutes of Health, the nationwide study requires pregnant women with no family history of SIDS or sleep apnea, said Jennifer Hansen, administrative assistant for the Collaborative Home Infant Monitoring Evaluation.

“We have a lot of data on high-risk groups but we need to have normal babies so we have something to compare that data with,” Hansen said.

After giving birth, the mothers will have their babies’ breathing, heart rates and blood oxygen saturation levels monitored for a minimum of one month.

SIDS is the sudden and unexpected death of an apparently healthy infant, usually occurring between the ages of two months and six months.

Toke Hoppenbrouwers serves as the principal investigator for the study at USC. For more information on the study, call Marlene Vasquez at 226-3266.

SIDS study seeks healthy volunteers

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