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A Six-Month Plan for a New, Improved Student Services

After assessing the strengths and weaknesses of student services, the Cost and Service Task Force recommended the following “quick fixes,” which can be accomplished within six months with existing resources and little or no additional investment.

* Putting the “exception request instructor” verification form on e-mail. This form must be signed by an instructor and carried to the registrar’s office when a student drops a course after the third week of classes.

* Changing the mandatory advisement requirement after a student initially registers for a term.

* Allowing changes in grading option to be entered by the student through a touch-tone phone system.

* Distributing the STARS (Student Academic Records System) report via the World Wide Web or e-mail.

* Automatically performing degree checks after 80 units are earned rather than having them initiated by students.

* Improving access and delivery of information regarding financial aid.

A Six-Month Plan for a New, Improved Student Services

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