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45 graduate management program

Samuel Biggers, professor of neurosurgery at Drew University/King Medical Center celebrates completion of health care management course with Timothy Chan, dean of the School of Pharmacy.

A group of 45 L.A. County physicians, nurses, pharmacists and administrators graduated last month from an intensive management program run by the USC School of Pharmacy.

The Center of Excellence in Health Care Management organizes training programs for professionals around the world. This June’s graduation marks the second time a class consisting wholly of county employees has participated in the program.

Center Executive Director Phil Rapa said that the county has requested another program in 1998. Students from the program celebrated the completion of the course with a banquet and an address by class spokesperson Samuel Biggers, professor of neurosurgery at Drew University/King Medical Center.

“To this university, we convey our deep appreciation for catalyzing this important collaboration between public, private and corporate interests. Trojans bearing such gifts as we have received [from an outstanding faculty] may catalyze the uplift of the L.A. Department of Health Services,” Biggers said.

The 21-week-long course consisted of sessions concentrating on finance, trends in managed care, marketing, negotiation and the legal aspects of integrated health care delivery systems. Participants analyzed a fictional county health system devised by Norman Sigband, distinguished emeritus professor of business and pharmacy.

45 graduate management program

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