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The Brains Behind the Webcast

Hi, Mom: Alithea Corter M.S.G. ’97 appearing on USC’s Internet broadcast of commencement.

Photo by Irene Fertik

USC’S WEBCAST was the brainchild of chief information officer Jerry Campbell, who is also university librarian and dean of the University Libraries. Chuck Hellier, technology director of University Com-puting Services’ Micro-Computing System Support, and Rick Lacy, co-coordinator of the Center for Scholarly Technology, spearheaded the project. Associate vice president for student affairs Kristine Dillon hosted the Webcast, and USC News Service media representative Paula Korn co-hosted and interviewed deans about preparing students for careers in the emerging new world of technology. Other key players were Jason Chan, production manager of the Instructional Television Network, who directed the video coverage; and Alice Parker, vice provost for research and graduate studies, who housed the Webcast headquarters.

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The Brains Behind the Webcast

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