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A USC First – Live Webcast of Art Event

A promotional clip for the Fisher Gallery Webcast shows examples of the work of artist Miquel Navarro, above, and of Carmen Calvo.

USC will produce the first live Webcast of a museum’s opening reception Sunday, Sept. 7, when Fisher Gallery celebrates its new exhibition, “Miquel Navarro and Carmen Calvo.”

Viewers who have downloaded RealVideo software will be able to access the live coverage from 4 to 6 p.m. The software is available free from Progressive Networks at http://www.real. com/ products/player/playerdl.html.

Viewers can access the Webcast at Users with high-speed connections will receive the reception in high-quality stereo sound and 8-frame-per-second video. Users with slower connections will receive lower-quality audio and 4-frame-per-second video but will nevertheless receive a continuous view of the events.

Three camera crews will take viewers to the outdoor reception in the Fisher Gallery courtyard and into the gallery for a tour of the exhibition featuring Navarro’s architectural sculptures and Calvo’s sculptural paintings and constructions.

Maite Alvarez, an education specialist at the Getty Museum, and architect Robert Moreno will interview visitors and university officials at the reception. Among those expected to attend are Provost Lloyd Armstrong Jr.; Al Nodal, director of cultural affairs for the city of Los Angeles; artists Calvo and Navarro; Manuel Blanco, a curator of the exhibition; and Consuelo Ciscar, minister of culture, Valencia, Spain.

Interspersed with the live coverage will be taped shots of the exhibition’s installation at Fisher Gallery, comments by President Steven B. Sample, and tours of the artists’ studios in Valencia, Spain.

Charles Hellier, technology director for University Computing Services, is directing the team of USC students, faculty members and professional staff producing the Webcast. The same team of computer and video specialists produced the world’s first live Webcast of a university commencement last spring at USC.

Computer users can view a brief audio and video promotional clip about the exhibition and Webcast. The clip, with soundtrack in English and Spanish and featuring Fisher Gallery director Selma Holo, may be accessed at the Website of the gallery’s Interactive Art Museum –

Jennifer Jaskowiak, curator of the exhibition, notes that the Webcast will let the sculptors’ friends and colleagues in Spain participate in the exhibition’s inauguration.

“A live Webcast is particularly fitting for this exhibition because of its international nature,” Jaskowiak said. “It’s also exciting to be a part of USC’s innovations in multimedia and creative technologies – especially when they can expand the audience for two artists of the stature of Carmen Calvo and Miquel Navarro.”

“Miquel Navarro and Carmen Calvo” will continue at USC through Saturday, Nov. 15, and then travel to Chicago; Mexico City; Monterrey, Mexico; and several South American cities.

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