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‘Teaching and Technology @ USC’ Conference Showcases New Instructional Tools

An all-day campus conference Wednesday, April 29, will explore the state of the art of instruction technology (IT) for university-level teaching, and the technology’s implications for the teaching profession at USC and in general. Hosted by its co-sponsors, John Silvester, vice provost for scholarly technology, and Joseph B. Hellige, vice provost for undergraduate education, the event will not only present demonstrations of the newest IT applications by USC faculty from a wide range of disciplines, but will also be a forum for discussion of the impact of IT on traditional pedagogical values. “We are hoping faculty will use this conference to see what the new techniques offer, and to express themselves about how they would like to see IT develop here at the university,” Silvester said. A complete schedule of “Teaching and Technology @ USC” is posted on-line at:

TO ATTEND: USC faculty and staff interested in attending should register in advance, either by telephone (740-7032), by e-mail (, or by using the on-line form at:

‘Teaching and Technology @ USC’ Conference Showcases New Instructional Tools

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