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Grants Opportunities

The Whitaker Foundation

Announcement: Biomedical Engineering Research Grants 2000. $210K to $240K over three years.

Eligibility: PI’s who hold faculty positions at institutes of higher education in U.S. or Canada, including universities, colleges and medical, dental, pharmacy and veterinary schools.

Deadline: July 1, 2000, and November 1, 2000.

Purpose: Soliciting applications from eligible faculty members who intend to establish academic careers in biomedical engineering or a closely linked field and who seek support for biomedical engineering research projects.

Application Process: Work with Scientific Affairs, Dr. John Nicoloff, KAM 110. Must submit Preliminary Application. See also,
Cancer Treatment Research Foundation

Announcement: The Cancer Treatment Research Foundation (CTRF) is accepting applications for new and pilot/feasibility clinical projects in cancer therapy. Grants range between $10K and $125K/year with a maximum funding of two years.

Eligibility: New as well as established investigators are encouraged to apply.

No deadline.

Purpose: To stimulate innovative research relevant to cancer therapy: immunotherapy, biological response modifiers, gene therapy, quality of life and nutritional oncology.
Application Process: Follow the instructions/format on the foundation’s website at This is the first of two steps for the applicant. The selected members of the Board of Scientific Counselors of CTRF will review the concept proposal. If approved, the applicant will be invited to submit a formal application.


Grants Opportunities

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