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2003 Symposium Prize Winners

First place winners in each category received $500, and 2nd place winners received $250.

Arts: 1st Place, Jennifer Jolley, “Fish” (composition, USC Thornton School of Music); 2nd Place, Alex Herrera, “Ceramics” (studio arts, USC School of Fine Arts).

Humanities: 1st Place, Jonathan Vidar, Trevor Muirhead and Brian Olsen, “The City of Troy” (religion, USC College); 2nd Place, Maryann Wilson, “Personification, Objectification and the Self-Discrepant Self in Sylvia Plath’s Poetry” (English, USC College).

Life Sciences: 1st Place, Grace Peng, “Ubiquitin-Independent Degradation of ONOO-oxidized Proteins by the Proteasome” (gerontology/molecular biology, USC College); 2nd Place, Heather Feaman, “Long-term Effects of Hybridization on Two Distinct Copepod Populations” (biological sciences, USC College).

Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering: 1st Place, Sajid Siddiqi, “Experiments in Monte-Carlo Localization using WiFi Signal Strength” (computer science, USC College); 2nd Place, Jonathan Mapel, “Electron Transport Through Gallium Metal-Molecule-Metal Junctions” (electrical engineering, USC School of Engineering).

Social Sciences I: 1st Place, Linda Hou, “Roma Identity in East European Politics” (international relations, USC College); 2nd Place, Joel Walton, “Text Without Readers” (religion, USC College).

Social Sciences II: 1st Place, Julie Moffitt, “Genetic Contribution to Peer Victimization” (psychology, USC College);

2nd Place, Lewina Lee, “A Cross-Examination of Two Approaches to Trait Anxiety in Relation to Generalized Anxiety Disorder” (psychology, USC College).

Special Interdisciplinary Awards: 1st Place, Tracy Hensley, “Privete Wunderkammen, USC Archaeological Research Collection” (USC School of Fine Arts; classics, USC College); 1st Place, Steven Hood, “Interpreting Political Power in Iron Age Kingdoms in Anatolia” (religion, USC College); 1st Place, Sonia Khurana and Talip Ucar, “Capturing Multimodal Patterns in Child-Machine Communication” (electrical engineering, USC School of Engineering; linguistics, USC College).

2003 Symposium Prize Winners

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